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Sadly, not everyone does, so I'll explain below how these scams operate.
There has been an ever-growing number of UK lottery e-mail scams that have been turning up both in my mailbox and the mailboxes of visitors to this site - my first piece of advice is that you should always ignore them and delete them.
BBC One, view results by pressing the red button on TV or tune in for the Lotto, Thunderball and EuroMillions results just after the BBC News.40pm.Interesting article, including some bloke from the Midlands who was conned out of almost 20,000 Euros.Firstly, the scammer has to construct a reasonably convincing-sounding "you've won the lottery" e-mail, so they're now tending to throw in verifiable correct facts in there to make it sound legitimate.If you have not bought your ticket from either an official UK lottery physical terminal (e.g.Why would they take so long to e-mail you that you've won such a huge prize?Theres wedding bells and a first class honeymoon!Watch the live draws online, thunderball and Lotto draw times are lottery of australia changing from Wednesday 21st November.Any other site that says it sells UK lottery tickets is breaking the law.A graphical attachment is often included with the e-mail - this can range from the blue National Lottery "crossed fingers" official logo (which you have to get permission from Camelot to use an embedded graphic of this site's lottery balls for a particular draw (the.Note that even Camelot themselves have now stopped e-mailing people who won via an online ticket (and not a moment too soon - you now have to log into the official Web site to discover you've won, which is as it should be).

Don't give them any info (you deleted that e-mail anyway didn't you?).
The three most common things they put in are: The draw number, date, winning numbers and jackpot amount of a recent UK lottery draw.
If it's within your own country, perhaps contacting the police might be a start or possibly the standards trading officers for the county involved, but I don't hold out much hope of ever getting your money class 2 slot machine kostenlos spielen back.
The scammer will often say "don't tell anyone about this win" (by "anyone they probably mean the police, so that they won't be tracked down and prosecuted!
Having read this page, I hope you realise that I don't need to be e-mailed about these scams - if they use my name and claim you've won the lottery, they are fraudulent and should be ignored.The same advice applies - bin any letters you receive, ignore them and do not reply to them.Because of their tardiness (especially poor since scam e-mails often mention the official site and Camelot's postal address!Lotto, draw 7:45pm, thunderball, draw 8:15pm, sun.Some more reading on this subject to further enlighten you: The official Camelot site's, security Advice, months after I put this page up warning about scams, Camelot finally did something similar.