Games using uno cards

Uno is designed for up to 10 different players, but if you only have two does target give christmas bonuses players the rules change a little.
Count number cards (0-9) as their numeric value.
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Uno was actually created as a family game by an avid card player who worked as a barber in Ohio as his day job.
When you play a Wild Draw Four card, the next player to act must pick up four cards from the draw pile.Question What is the meaning of "draw"?Please take a moment to check them out.If the computer gets stuck and doesn't have a move, a red.8 Reverse Cards: there are two Reverse Cards in each colour.Other investors joined the venture and the game continued to grow in popularity until it eventually became a Mattel product, and from there the number of Uno packs distributed sky-rocketed.This opens the game in a pop-up window.Playing this card reverses the direction of the arrow for that discard pile.This is where if you have two cards that are the same color and same number, you can discard both.The goal is to be the first one to play all of your cards.If you feel confident in your UNO skills, you can go on a World Tour against UNO champions around the globe.

You might see a better move.
They are truly a force to be reckoned with.
There are different strategies to do this, but you must only discard cards in your turn in a way that abide by the rules (more on this later).
The standard, uNO deck has 108 cards consisting of: four colored "suits" (Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow Action cards (Draw 2, Reverse, and Skip Wild cards, and Wild Draw Four cards.If you happen to have your own rules to the game that everyone abides to, then yes you can and instead of you picking.In short, the aim of the game is to win the most points.This game has two players, you versus the computer.3, choose a dealer by having each player pick one card.You can if only the 2 card is the same color as the color that the player chose when he/she put the 4 card.To go up from 13, place a 1 card; to go down from a 1 card, discard a 13 card.4/ Once you have only one card left you yell UNO!