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Champion Helmut Jahn, architect (born in Germany) John Jakes, author, The Kent Family Chronicles, North and South Ahmad Jamal, jazz pianist Brian James, basketball coach Edmund.
Deneen, two-term Governor of Illinois Edward.
Representative 201315 Paul Erickson, pitcher for Cubs 194148 Roger Erickson, MLB pitcher 197883 John Erlander, furniture manufacturer (born in Sweden) John.
Atkins, editor, Civil War colonel (born in New York) Edith Atwater, actress, True Grit, Family Plot, The Body Snatcher Richard and Florence Atwater, co-authors.
Dick, science-fiction author, stories became films Blade Runner, Minority Report, Total Recall Augustus Dickens, brother of Charles Dickens (born in England) utah casinos locations Basil Dickey, screenwriter Johnny Dickshot, MLB outfielder 193645 Bo Diddley, rock and blues musician, composer, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (born in Mississippi).Corral Earth, Wind Fire, band in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame John Porter East,.S.Johnson, politician (Republican.S.Busey, Civil War general, politician (born in Indiana) Homer Bush, MLB infielder Fred.Busse, postmaster, Mayor of Chicago 190711 Cheri Bustos,.S.Representative 196183 Vivian Fine, composer Jim Finigan, MLB infielder 195459 Tom Fink, mayor of Anchorage, Alaska 198794 Charles.There were twelve Olympians.Cullerton, decorated World War II pilot Shelby Moore Cullom, lawyer, Governor of Illinois 18771883,.S.Kennedy, president of Merchandise Mart, university trustee, nephew of John.Women's Amateur champion Terry Cummings, player for DePaul and seven NBA teams Lester Cuneo, silent-film actor Barbara Flynn Currie, politician (Democrat state representative since 1979 Betty Currie, personal secretary to President Bill Clinton Adrianne Curry, model and America's Next Top Model winner Eddy Curry, center.Bradwell, judge (born in England) Myra Bradwell, state's first female lawyer (born in Vermont) Ed Brady, linebacker for three NFL teams James Brady, advisor and White House press secretary to Ronald Reagan Neville Brand, actor,.O.A., Love Me Tender, The Untouchables, Birdman of Alcatraz Mark.James, president of University of Illinois 190420 Joni James, singer, " Why Don't You Believe Me?

Griffith, screenwriter, Little Shop of Horrors, Death Race 2000, Eat My Dust!
Andersen, founder of accounting firm Alexandria Anderson, ncaa champion sprinter Andree Anderson, ice dancer, member of Figure Skating Hall of Fame Craig Anderson, goaltender for Ottawa Senators Gillian Anderson, Emmy Award-winning actress, The X-Files, The House of Mirth, Bleak House, Hannibal.
Debs, socialist, IWW union leader, presidential candidate (born in Indiana).Popper's Penguins Steve Atwater, twice Super Bowl champion with Denver Broncos James.Louis Comiskey, owner of White Sox 193139 Common, rap musician, songwriter, producer, actor Ann Compton, television journalist ConCoz Douglas Conant, CEO of the Campbell Soup Company Edwin.Heffner, actor, Flashdance, When Harry Met Sally., Runaway Train Richard.Grant James Grant, first president of Chicago and Rock Island Railroad James Edward Grant, screenwriter, The Alamo, Hondo, McLintock!Senator 192833 Caroline Glick, journalist, deputy managing editor of Jerusalem Post Joseph Glidden, patented barbed wire (born in New York) Gina Glocksen, 2-time American Idol contestant Al Glossop, MLB infielder 1939-46 Bruce Glover, actor, Diamonds Are Forever, Chinatown GoGq Bob Goalby, professional golfer, winner.Johnson., cosmetics executive (born in Mississippi) Howard Wesley Johnson, president of MIT, chairman of board of trustees Jake Johnson, actor, New Girl Jan Johnson, 3-time ncaa pole vault champion, 1972 Olympic medalist Jim Johnson, defensive coordinator for Notre Dame, NFL teams John.Harris, syndicated columnist (born in England) Wood Harris, actor, The Wire Carter Harrison., politician (Democrat.S.Secretary of the Interior, son-in-law of Abraham Lincoln John Marshall Harlan II, justice.S.Carmichael, sportswriter Chuck Carney, football and basketball All-American Sue Carol, talent agent, wife of Alan Ladd.

Fifer, Civil War officer, city attorney of Bloomington, Governor of Illinois (born in Virginia) Tim Finchem, commissioner of golf's PGA Tour Paul Findley, politician (Republican.S.