Quota on poker machines australia

People deliberately injured themselves (e.g.
Pokie machines nearly wiped me out in every imaginable way.
It is not acceptable for all taxpayers to push them to charities and spin the revolving doors again, again, again.I for one would be happy to pay more tax if these things were banned.This is a negative expectation.Ask the poker machine operators to do this and they will refuse.Now the government is as addicted to pokies as the gamblers, yet they, like the addicts, don't want to admit the folly of their addiction, because everything must be paid for sooner or later.This strategy can be achieved simply with minimum to no cost to implement.If they want to do this let ey know the far as the government 's undemocratic what their doing."So instead of putting a bottle of Grange on the table that Friday night, they decide to throw a couple of hundred dollars into the machine as they have that choice.Never gamble more than you can afford to lose, manage your money and never chase money you have lost.

But why should you be surprised when you keep losing?
I am a social member at a Golf Club that has no pokies.
No one reading these stories who hasn't been affected by pokie addiction can comprehend the fear, self loathing, disgust and heart break suffered.
Chrysalis Insight Inc, the not-for-profit that I chair is looking at existing 3rd places and would love orchard toys farm lotto to be able to market them to individuals as safe and great plases to visit.Agree (1) Alert moderator Sue Pinkerton: Firstly, research that looked into the effects of the banning gaming machines in South Carolina and Norway showed emphatically that when problem gamblers are denied access to gaming machines, they do NOT "use something else - drugs and alcohol".In both instances, there was a significant drop in gambling spend and no increase in spending on any other form of gambling despite these being readily accessible and legal after gaming machines were banned.I, like many of you had a hot passionate affair with the Poker Machine myself, lost all our savings, almost my family and many friends and contemplated suicide on many occasions.All began innocently enough as a wind down after work with the rest of the staff, but soon enough it spiralled out of control, even knowing the percentages of winning and the way a gaming floor (was?) is generally laid out, with percentage chance.