Royal wedding prop bets

royal wedding prop bets

Paddy Power has odds on the various tiaras Meghan might get loaned to her casino evasion 2018 from the queen as: Spencer Family Tiara 4/1 None 8/1 Cambridge Lovers Knot 9/1 George III Fringe Tiara 10/1 The Strathmore Rose 12/1 Something new 12/1 The Cambridge Lovers Knot.
While most people watching will be interested in the dress she wears or how she looks or some other such nonsense, gamblers like us will be interested in this wedding for alternative reasons.
Serena Williams ( 1-5 ) and Rory McIlroy ( 1-3 ) are also getting good odds, but former president Barack Obama is at 5-to-1 as of Tuesday morning.
You can bet on what make of car she will ride in, with a pokemon card game price Rolls Royce being the odds-on favorite at 4-5 and Bentley at 6-5.
THE pick: Ralph Russo (120).Hes more of a singer while they serve the cake or something.Odds on yes are 150 and no are -200.What kind of car will Meghan Markle arrive in?

The potential to make a few bucks isn't the only reason to tune unto the royal wedding.
It's the stuff on the periphery that we're more interested.
I will be on that side of this one and shoot for some value early.
For celebrity weddings, its about antpool bitcoin payout all of the above and also about who gets to design the dress, whos invited, where its happening, and how many details you can absorb about the ceremony in real time.She wears a skirt suit with a hat, all in the same bright color.Georges Chapel with her mother.Want to bet on it being Drake, though?Its against morning dress guidelines though, so say goodbye to that money if you go that route.Ferrell and Shannon are taking their intentionally terrible coverage to HBO on Saturday for what will no doubt be the best live coverage of the event on any channel.Still holding out for that Spice Girls reunion though.The color of royalty.Its going to be a topic of conversation for sure on Saturday, and I think our winner is Ralph Russo (120).Not only is he British, not only is he wildly popular, not only is he a ginger, but I think he sings at the reception.