Win scholarship money on taxes

win scholarship money on taxes

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If you have scholarships for college or graduate level work, you need to know how that money is treated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for the purposes of income taxes.
To help you figure out the exact amounts that should be reported as taxable and non-taxable of your award, check out the IRS site section on tax benefits for education, where they have implemented an interactive tool to discover whether you're eligible to claim.It's important to find out if your award is taxable and, if so, figure out how to correctly report it when filing your annual tax return.Those dollars include not only the cost of college tuition but also room and board and related expenses.Be sure and read the fine print for more rules because, as you know, Im a lawyer and I like rules: Dont panic if your comment doesnt show immediately.If you have to work for the scholarship or fellowship, money received in exchange for past, present, or future teaching, research, or other services is generally taxable.We've compiled a guide to help you decipher which category your educational award falls under - taxable or tax-free.

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The award is tax-free only as long as you use it for the purposes outlined above.
However, any taxable portion of your scholarship or fellowship on your tax return should be reported on your federal income tax return even if you don't owe any tax.
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Federal and state educational grants are treated like scholarships for tax purposes.Qualified expenses include tuition and fees as well as course-related expenses such as fees, books, supplies, and equipment that are required by the institution.Taxable Scholarships, Fellowships Grants.Making It Legal: Reporting Taxable Awards.Find help understanding education benefits and taxes on the IRS web site detailing ways to contact your local IRS office with questions.